As a pharmaceutical company Janssen works with active pharmaceutical ingredients every day. Therefore, we are concerned about the impact of these substances on the environment. The company accepts the responsibility and ensures that the waste flows that leave the sites do not present a risk to humans and animals. 

In the project 'Pharmaceutical ingredients in the environment' knowledge is gathered, consultations take place with partners and effective measures are being developed. A lot of attention also goes out to raising the awareness of employees. 

The Drugs We Wash Away

In certain process steps product residues may end up in the Janssen water treatment plant. If these are not adequately broken down, they may reach the surface water.  

Janssen absolutely wants to keep this from happening and accepts full responsibility for everything leaving the site. No risks whatsoever may be taken. We recorded which components are produced at all the production sites, which concentrations are expected and what the safe concentrations are. For substances which may pose a problem the company checks whether they can be left out of the water treatment cycle. The company determines the risks and carefully records that information. It takes stock and takes action whenever necessary at the level of the production sites and the water that is discharged from the plants.


For Janssen, ecological sustainability starts from the development of new products, with the application of green chemistry and green technology.

During the production of our medicines, we aim to continuously improve our environmental performance. At the end of the life cycle of our medicines, we take a careful and responsible line in this context.

In this broad field of action, we aim to reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible: fewer raw materials, efficient production through reduced water and energy consumption, and production of less waste and emissions.

This leads to a win-win situation: Janssen minimizes its impact on the environment from the outset, while, at the same time, saving a lot of time and money in the long run.