Het consortiumproject ‘European Medical Information Framework’ (EMIF) zal een beveiligd netwerk van databanken opzetten, waarin de 57 consortiumpartners hun medische gegevens met elkaar kunnen delen. Elke partij krijgt zo toegang tot een veel grotere set van gegevens en tot betere analytische tools om wetenschappelijk onderbouwde gezondheidszorgoplossingen te ontwikkelen. Het project is begin 2013 van start gegaan.


The pharmaceutical company GSK and Janssen decided to launch the EMIF consortium to for the first time bring distributed medical data together for the benefit of all cooperating parties. With this collaboration EMIF strives to find solutions for patients more quickly. It wants to build a platform that enables the efficient analysis of existing medical data. This is done by linking the different data sets and developing standardized access to them.

With the development of this platform EMIF focuses on two research areas: the origination of Alzheimer's disease and the metabolic complications of obesity. On the basis of existing experience in these two research fields, the consortium develops the basic platform that enables data collection, exchange and analysis for many disease areas in parallel.


The project receives European subsidies from the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), Europe largest public/private partnership between the European Union and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA). IMI supports collaboration projects in the healthcare sector to accelerate medical innovation.

The idea to set up this collaboration was developed at a Janssen Entrepreneurial Boot Camp, a training and coaching process that helps staff to transform innovative ideas for better healthcare into a sound business plan.



Janssen believes that strong corporate results, correct policies and focused activities pave the way towards economic sustainability. 

Janssen must constantly reinvent itself in order to cope with the structural and economic changes that affect its environment. This is why Janssen is committed to build partnerships within an open innovation model, and to the continuous alignment of its cost-competitiveness by only developing medicines with a high therapeutic added value. 

For Janssen this means specifically: being focused and a leader in research & development, and being efficient and progressive in terms of production with the aim of bringing new therapeutic solutions to patients quicker and at less expense, and implementing a growth strategy to ensure our continued investment in all these areas.