Janssen Pharmaceutica NV

Core figures

Janssen Pharmaceutica NV core figures2010201120122013
HR costs425425477499
Operating results12233436681
Net profit22374718858
Balance sheet total6.5036.6407.1018.058
Total Investments129148131144
Amounts in million € / Headcount in numbers

    The turnover increased by 394 million euros compared to 2012. 97% of the turnover was achieved via the associated companies. The total balance sheet amounted to 8 billion euros. 

    The intangible fixed assets amounted to 4.331 million euros at 31 December 2013 and primarily consist of capitalized Research & Development costs and licensing fees. The fall compared with the 2012 financial year is mainly attributable to the renewed depreciation plan for the Telaprevir licensing rights. This fall is partly compensated by an increase in the book value of activated research and development costs.

    Besides R&D, investments in tangible assets amounted 101 million euros. Investments in licenses amounted to 131 million euros and investments in software 42 million euros.

    The major investment projects, which are spread over several years, are shown below with their corresponding amounts for 2013:

    Implementation of a new customer follow-up system for Janssen EMEA7,9
    Campus Infrastructure Plan: office building adaptations, extension of the South Car Park and modernization and extension of the cafeteria7,8
    Expansion of the general storage capacity of the IT infrastructure3,7
    Implementation of a new business model for Janssen EMEA (Project J-C EMEA Finance Transformation)2,7
    Replacement of Window 2000 servers 1,9
    Expansion of the Visine line capacity1,8
    Renovation of chemical production factory Plant 39,6
    Adaptations of the heating and cooling systems for production equipment4,4
    Replacement of production process control system2,6
    La Louvière
    Investments in software development for the European distribution center6,9
    Beerse, Geel, Olen, Diegem and La Louvière
    Investments in building renovations, machines, installations and equipment at the establishments94
    Amounts in million €

      Research that was conducted includes the following substances:

      • INVEGA™ Sustenna 3 months (paliperidone palmitate) for the treatment of schizophrenia
      • Esketamine for the treatment of resistant depression
      • Several important milestones were also reached in the research into substances for use by our sister companies such as.
      • XARELTO® (rivaroxaban) for additional indications of congestive heart failure and acute coronary syndrome. 
      • OLYSIO®/GALEXOS®/SOVRIAD® (simeprevir) for the treatment of hepatitis C infections
      • Daratumumab for the treatment of refractory multiple myeloma
      • IMBRUVICA® (ibrutinib) for the treatment of various hematological cancers

      A number of important co-operative ties were initiated with academic centers, knowledge institutions and other pharmaceutical companies through means including the innovation centers set up in the US, the United Kingdom and China in 2013.

      In the 2013 calendar year, 45 new patent applications were submitted by Janssen Pharmaceutica NV.

      The total R&D expenditure amounted to 1,165 million euros for the financial year in question, being an increase of 57 million euros in comparison with the R&D expenditure in the 2012 financial year.

      J.C. General Services CVBA


      J.C. General Services CVBA core figures2010201120122013
      HR costs17161721
      Operating results24213845
      Net profit71519162
      Balance sheet total5.6555.7965.8866.203
      Total investments49372822
      Amounts in million US$ / Headcount in numbers

        The financial year 2013 was characterized by the further development of the company as a financial center and internal financing body for the Johnson & Johnson group.  

        In addition to providing internal loans, the company also covers the global currency risk of the group and offers numerous services to international sister companies with respect to cash flow management. The financial instruments that are traded always aim to reduce an underlying risk and/or to protect the assets of the group members. Speculation is not permitted.

        In addition, a number of globally organized support functions are also accommodated within the company.

        Janssen Infectious Diseases & Diagnostics BVBA


        Janssen Infectious Diseases & Diagnostics BVBA core figures2010201120122013
        HR costs76576265
        Operating results2-124
        Net profit3114
        Balance sheet total50546472
        Total investments10634
        Amounts in million € / Headcount in numbers

          Janssen Infectious Diseases-Diagnostics BVBA is a biotechnology company that specializes in the research and development of pharmaceutical products, innovative molecular treatment methods and products that can be used to improve the treatment of patients  with chronic infectious diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C and tuberculosis. 

          On behalf of sister companies, the company is working on the development of several anti-HIV/AIDS substances and treatments for hepatitis C. The company is also active in the field of antibodies for sister company Crucell, and is considered to be a strategic growth platform for the future. 

          The Janssen Diagnostics Division focuses on the production of phenotypic and genotypic HIV testing and diagnostics that can be used for better treatment of patients with chronic diseases, as well as other therapeutic areas where Janssen is active. The divison works for the Janssen Infectious Diseases departments and for other (non-J & J) companies.

          Janssen Cilag NV


          Janssen Cilag NV core figures2010201120122013
          HR costs25222427
          Operating results6664
          Net profit43427
          Balance sheet total858589121
          Amounts in million € / Headcount in numbers

            The turnover of Janssen Cilag increased by 8.85 % from 138.472.312 euros in 2012 to 150.727.829 euros in 2013. This increase can be attributed to the launch of INCIVO™ and ZYTIGA™, and to a further increase in the turnover of the growth products XEPLION™, STELARA™ and PREZISTA™. The relaunch of CAELYX® also saw sales of this product return to their original level. The growth was partly negated by further drops in prices of RISPERDAL® and EPREX®. As regards the latter product we also see a falling volume because of the increasing competitive pressure in this market. There was also a fall in the sales of REMINYL® and SPORANOX® as a result of the negative repercussions of generic products.  


            Janssen believes that strong corporate results, correct policies and focused activities pave the way towards economic sustainability. 

            Janssen must constantly reinvent itself in order to cope with the structural and economic changes that affect its environment. This is why Janssen is committed to build partnerships within an open innovation model, and to the continuous alignment of its cost-competitiveness by only developing medicines with a high therapeutic added value. 

            For Janssen this means specifically: being focused and a leader in research & development, and being efficient and progressive in terms of production with the aim of bringing new therapeutic solutions to patients quicker and at less expense, and implementing a growth strategy to ensure our continued investment in all these areas.