Janssen is working on sustainable healthcare today and in the future. At the same time the company is concentrating on the most complex medical challenges of our time. How diagnoses will be made, how medication will be administered, how diseases will be recognized or prevented and patients followed up will look very different tomorrow to today. The company believes that we are at a turning point in our approach to the unanswered medical needs of today's healthcare.

Healthcare is on the verge a breathtaking evolution and is influenced by all sorts of trends to which the company responds to create sustainable value in the future: from the ageing of the population to the increasing availability of modern communication resources and information technology, to the need to guarantee product authenticity at all times.

More and more resources are becoming available to detect diseases, to treat them and follow them up. Curative medicines will only remain as one part of the solution.

Enormous scientific progress is also associated with new opportunities in the field of biotechnology, genomics, information technology and nanotechnology. The company is evolving from the traditional, reactive healthcare paradigm to a new era of preventive and personalized healthcare. More and more resources are becoming available to detect diseases, to treat them and follow them up. Curative medicines will only remain as one part of the solution. 


In the future genetic information will enable the prediction of an individual’s risk of suffering from a certain disorder. People with a high risk of suffering a certain disease can possibly be helped with a lifestyle change or a preventive treatment. 


Diagnosis at molecular level will better characterize diseases in the future to give more relevant information for a specific person. The identification of biomarkers such as genes, proteins and cells will refine the diagnosis of certain diseases.


The treatment model is evolving towards solution-oriented therapy. This is a combination of a medicine-based therapy, diagnostics based on an appliance or software and components from the healthcare services.


Based on a control system for personal health information, better follow-up of personal health will be guaranteed in the future. In addition, all sorts of innovations will allow professional care organizations and family members to carry out complex treatments at home in the future.

With the healthcare model of the future, Janssen puts the focus on the interests of the patient and the maintainability of the healthcare system. Openness to each other and the will to together innovate sustainably are basic conditions for being able to successfully develop such solutions.


Janssen believes that strong corporate results, correct policies and focused activities pave the way towards economic sustainability. 

Janssen must constantly reinvent itself in order to cope with the structural and economic changes that affect its environment. This is why Janssen is committed to build partnerships within an open innovation model, and to the continuous alignment of its cost-competitiveness by only developing medicines with a high therapeutic added value. 

For Janssen this means specifically: being focused and a leader in research & development, and being efficient and progressive in terms of production with the aim of bringing new therapeutic solutions to patients quicker and at less expense, and implementing a growth strategy to ensure our continued investment in all these areas.