Janssen makes efforts to find solutions for some of the most complicated medical needs. The challenges are huge and the company looks beyond its own walls for new solutions.

 Based on an open innovation model Janssen goes in search of new co-operative ties with partners from diverse sectors. The company ensures the origination of innovative partnerships to boost our own efforts and vision of healthcare. 

The challenges are huge and the company looks beyond its own walls for new solutions.


Worldwide innovation web


In 2013 Johnson & Johnson Innovation set up  innovation centers in the United States, the United Kingdom and China. The mission of these innovation centers is to find the best science available in an early stage, to accelerate it and stimulate the development of new healthcare solutions. The four innovation centers are spinning a giant web between Johnson & Johnson, top scientists and entrepreneurs, and influential life sciences clusters from around the world. Janssen in Belgium works closely with these worldwide innovation centers. The value of the internal research and the substantive quality of our people contribute to Janssen being the preferred partner for many.

Encouragement of promising ideas

In 2009 Janssen set up the Janssen Campus Office (JCO) in Belgium, this being a small team focusing on open innovation and sustainability. Since its establishment 254 contacts have already been made at external parties. JCO stimulates innovative ideas for better healthcare, while in the 2009-2013 period organizing 10 ‘Entrepreneurial Boot Camps’  for 50 teams with a total of 276 participants from 16 countries. During the training and coaching process lasting between four and six months, both the internal and external people learn how to transform their innovative inspirations for better healthcare into a sound business plan. The Plan-It Commander project that originated during an Entrepreneurial Boot Camp won the Best Health Game 2013 prize at the Fun & Serious Game Festival in Bilbao. The innovation project Health2Wealth, that started during a Boot Camp with the NGO ColaLife assisting with drawing up a business plan, had a valuable influence on the health of two Zambia districts in 2013.



Janssen believes that strong corporate results, correct policies and focused activities pave the way towards economic sustainability. 

Janssen must constantly reinvent itself in order to cope with the structural and economic changes that affect its environment. This is why Janssen is committed to build partnerships within an open innovation model, and to the continuous alignment of its cost-competitiveness by only developing medicines with a high therapeutic added value. 

For Janssen this means specifically: being focused and a leader in research & development, and being efficient and progressive in terms of production with the aim of bringing new therapeutic solutions to patients quicker and at less expense, and implementing a growth strategy to ensure our continued investment in all these areas.