Janssen in Belgium plays a remarkable role in the pharmaceutical industry. The company not only develops medicines, it also manufactures and distributes them. Janssen in Belgium has a key position in the global production network of Johnson & Johnson, the J&J Supply Chain. The supply chain is the sum of the steps required for the production and distribution of medicines, medical instruments and consumer products. In the production process, we distinguish chemical production (Geel) from pharmaceutical production (Beerse/Olen). The distribution is carried out for the most part from the European Distribution Center in La Louvière.

Annually, Janssen in Belgium invests an average of 140 million euros keeping the production process ‘state-of-the-art’ and preparing it for the production of the medicines of the future. Janssen in Belgium invests in the cost-effective and innovative production of medicines and endorses the concept of the ‘factory of the future’, which is promoted by the Flemish Government. The central question is: what do we have to do to keep the manufacturing companies in Belgium and Europe? The company opens its doors to the world, embraces digital processes, develops synchronous products and production processes, and does not hesitate to utilize new, world-class production methods for the optimization of its production processes. In its quest for the future, quality is the focal point.

In 2013, the Janssen Supply Chain won a major Supply Chain Award. With this prize, the Association for Procurement and Logistics (VIB) and the Belgium Supply Chain Organization (PICS) aim to stimulate companies to invest in projects that improve their service level and the efficiency of their supply chains and to recognize best sourcing practices. 

The Janssen Supply Chain comprises 21 sites, spread out over the entire world, and, in addition, entrusts supply contracts to more than 150 external partners. A challenge like this can only hope to succeed if it is based on a harmonious planning strategy. And that strategy invites a great deal of admiration, with this nice recognition as the result.

In the Janssen Supply chain, ‘continuous improvement’ is not just empty rhetoric. Since 2012, Lean Manufacturing has become standard practice at Janssen. By consistently applying the basic principles of this working method, we hope in the short-term to be able to manufacture more with the same resources.  

‘Continu verbeteren’ blijft bij Janssen Supply Chain niet bij mooie woorden. Lean Manuf  acturing wordt sinds 2012 in de praktijk gebracht. Door de basisprincipes van deze werkmethode consequent toe te passen, hoopt men op korte termijn meer te kunnen produceren met dezelfde middelen.



Janssen believes that strong corporate results, correct policies and focused activities pave the way towards economic sustainability. 

Janssen must constantly reinvent itself in order to cope with the structural and economic changes that affect its environment. This is why Janssen is committed to build partnerships within an open innovation model, and to the continuous alignment of its cost-competitiveness by only developing medicines with a high therapeutic added value. 

For Janssen this means specifically: being focused and a leader in research & development, and being efficient and progressive in terms of production with the aim of bringing new therapeutic solutions to patients quicker and at less expense, and implementing a growth strategy to ensure our continued investment in all these areas.