School visits to the company, presentations to young people and even support to new study programs in schools. Janssen has different ways of trying to motivate young talents for a future in science and the pharmaceutical sector. 

Motivating young people to study sciences

Janssen CEO Tom Heyman is the godfather of the STEM class in the secondary school Heilig Graf in Turnhout. STEM is a new study progam which stands for ‘Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics’. The program offers an alternative for students who are capable of studying Latin, but have a great interest in science, mathematics and technique. 

In 2013 Tom Heyman told his 'godchildren' during a guest lecture about the fast evolution of science and technique. Since school year 2014 students can opt for the STEM program. Tom Heyman has been part of the Flemish STEM platform for some years now.


Discover the future as an investigator


In 2013 Brecht Herteleer and Hanne Reumers of the Roadies project had a peek at the Janssen workfloor. For a whole week these young, recent secondary school graduates set to work at the laboratory. Brecht and Hanne discovered what goes on in 40 different jobs throughout the school year in the context of the Roadies project. Every Monday morning they start a new job. They regularly appeared on TV in the channel één show Iedereen Beroemd (Everyone Famous). 


Janssen takes responsibility for its employees, patients and the local and international community.
We therefore work on deploying talent in a sustainable way and take care of the physical and mental health of personnel and their safety and continuing training.

Patient associations receive support from Janssen so they can realize their projects independently. Janssen pays special attention to young persons (training), informs local residents and becomes involved in local projects.

Access to and the affordability of health care are a core international theme at Johnson & Johnson and Janssen, who also support specific philanthropic projects.