Talent must be cherished, that is something Janssen truly believes. The company invests quite some energy in attracting talents, but also ensures that staff can continue to use and develop their talents. 

Training courses

Janssen pays a lot of attention to the training possibilities for employees.  Because we are an innovative knowledge company. And because we are part of one of the most heavily regulated and audited industries. And because we know that it is our employees who make our company successful.

The training courses on offer therefore cover all domains: safety, compliance, IT, interpersonal skills, management and leadership. And, of course, all function-related training courses. These courses are provided using various methods (e-learning, traditional, on-the-job).

In 2013 every Janssen employee followed an average of 29 hours of training, which makes a total of 130,712 training hours. Thus Janssen invested EUR 8,978,941 in training its employees, an investment of EUR 1,988 for each employee. 


It is logical that new employees will receive more training. But we keep on encouraging all employees in all career phases to actively shape their career, among other things by taking courses. The majority of these training efforts go into training courses in the areas of prevention, compliance and safety, important topics for Janssen. Caring for employees is expressed in practical terms in training courses around well-being, such as the EFPIL and RAPSY programs.

  • until 25
  • 26 - 35
  • 36 - 45
  • above 45

Talent Fit Center

In 2013 Janssen set up the Talent Fit Center to assist employees who are looking for new career challenges. Janssen employees can call on the Talent Fit Center for advice, career coaching, workshops and team activities focused on talent. It works both with internal and independent external career coaches.


Workplace learning


Together with Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool Janssen launched a pilot project 'Workplace Learning'. It offers students the chance to complete long-term work placements in the chemical industry. The traineeships at Janssen last 9 months instead of the usual 3 to 4 months Belgian students complete during an academic year. 

The long internship offers an added value for the intern and for the company. The project received a warm welcome and resulted in a plan to roll out the innovated work placement concept in other companies and schools. 

Acting with integrity  

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) companies are globally known for the values that are handled in the development of innovative and often life-saving medicines for patients. Our Credo, the J&J Policy on Business Conduct and the J&J Health Care Business Integrity Guide emphasize the commitment that patients come first. And that everything what the company and its employees do corresponds to the laws and regulations in the different countries and markets they operate in. 

Janssen employees who come into contact with care providers and the authorities (including professors) must adhere to the principles of the Health Care Business Integrity (HCBI) Guide, which focuses on:

  • legal promotion of regulated products;
  • compliance with health care and anti-corruption legislation, regulations and industry codes;
  • not influencing medical and government decisions on the basis of incorrect, incomplete or unclear information.

hcc scherm.jpg

This concerns acting with integrity. In practical terms this concerns, among other things, supporting research, advice provided by doctors, medical training, visits to doctors, visits to companies, communication, gifts, research trade fairs and scientific meetings. Our training courses pay special attention to this. These principles are consistent with the responsibilities and values as defined in Our Credo and the J&J Policy on Business Conduct, and are essential for the effectiveness of the compliance program.

Health Care Compliance (HCC) training courses, which focus on knowing the rules regarding customer contacts are important in the context of compliance. The Benelux HCC team developed an interactive 'serious game' on Health Care Compliance. This game lets players experience a realistic HCC scenario including additional dilemmas. The choices made by the player affect the outcome of the game. With this game Janssen wants to open up the discussion around so-called "grey areas" in HCC situations and how employees deal with these.  


Janssen takes responsibility for its employees, patients and the local and international community.
We therefore work on deploying talent in a sustainable way and take care of the physical and mental health of personnel and their safety and continuing training.

Patient associations receive support from Janssen so they can realize their projects independently. Janssen pays special attention to young persons (training), informs local residents and becomes involved in local projects.

Access to and the affordability of health care are a core international theme at Johnson & Johnson and Janssen, who also support specific philanthropic projects.