Our Credo, the ethical code of conduct of parent company Johnson & Johnson is the thread in the daily work performed by all employees. An annual survey among employees around the globe probes to what extent the organization meets the corporate values in several categories. In 2013 the comprehensive survey on corporate values was taken by 3661 respondents. This is a participation level of 85%.

The results of the survey show a high score in terms of employee involvement, the company's reputation and the values of Our Credo. In addition, the outcome of the survey indicated that there is a clear need for more information and involvement in the implementation of changes, and extra attention should be given to talent management and collaboration.

The results of the annual survey are like a compass to ensure that Johnson & Johnson companies stay aligned to the basic principles and business expectations set out in Our Credo. Based on the survey results sessions were organized in all departments. Concrete proposals for improvements which came up during these sessions were converted into plans of action.

Page 1 of Our Credo describes the Johnson & Johnson corporate philosophy, values and principles: What they stand for, what they want to achieve and how they want to achieve it. It puts into words the responsibilities towards patients and users, employees, society and, finally, the shareholders. 

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Janssen takes responsibility for its employees, patients and the local and international community.
We therefore work on deploying talent in a sustainable way and take care of the physical and mental health of personnel and their safety and continuing training.

Patient associations receive support from Janssen so they can realize their projects independently. Janssen pays special attention to young persons (training), informs local residents and becomes involved in local projects.

Access to and the affordability of health care are a core international theme at Johnson & Johnson and Janssen, who also support specific philanthropic projects.