Janssen Pharmaceutica NV has a rich prevention tradition which derives from its activities in the health care industry. These basic values are contained in Our Credo, which has been the leitmotiv of Johnson & Johnson on sustainable entrepreneurship for more than 70 years. Our Credo describes the responsibilities with regard to everyone who uses the products and services of Janssen, all employees, the shareholders and the world we live in.

Prevention policy

Janssen's prevention policy is rigidly structured. Responsibilities and tasks are defined for each department based on a number of values and principles typical of the company. 


For example, Janssen handles the stand-still principle which aims for continuous improvement and which does not tolerate a deterioration compared to the present situation. The polluter-pays principle is also in force. Other matters such as the principle of integration, precaution and preventive action also belong to Janssen's prevention policy. Initiatives about safety are largely incorporated in the prevention share program. Safety actions in the different departments are rewarded and the profits are donated to a charity each year. 

The safety‐, health‐, and environmental care systems are integrated and harmonized in the preventive care system. The basic principle of a preventive care system is to achieve continual improvement as regards all relevant environmental‐, safety‐ and health aspects of the company. The preventive care system is based on the ‘Plan‐Do‐Check‐Act’ methodology. Objectives and processes are planned, defined and implemented and evaluated first.

HSE Policy declaration at Janssen Campus

The HSE Policy Declaration underlines the excellent results obtained by Janssen in the past in terms of health, safety and environment (HSE) and the aspects that will be dealt with in the years ahead. That is how Janssen wants to highlight the many initiatives. These and other matters also contribute to the achievement of the J&J Healthy Future 2015 objectives.


Safe conduct programme 


Janssen attaches a great deal of importance to the welfare of all its employees. The company does everything to ensure that everyone can set to work every day in safety, exposed as little as possible to risks and protected to the optimum. We take an awful lot of technical measures and use various systems for monitoring and controlling risks.

Despite all our efforts, hazardous situations continue to exist on the shop floor and accidents occur regularly. Since 2011, however, we have been seeing a disturbing rise in the number of serious accidents with absence from work. 

For that reason, a safe conduct programme is being rolled out over the next few years. It is important that we unite with all employees towards more safety. Everyone helps make the difference. Together, we strengthen our safety culture and continue to build on our safety tradition.


Janssen takes responsibility for its employees, patients and the local and international community.
We therefore work on deploying talent in a sustainable way and take care of the physical and mental health of personnel and their safety and continuing training.

Patient associations receive support from Janssen so they can realize their projects independently. Janssen pays special attention to young persons (training), informs local residents and becomes involved in local projects.

Access to and the affordability of health care are a core international theme at Johnson & Johnson and Janssen, who also support specific philanthropic projects.