Janssen has a strong commitment towards patients and is aware of its corporate role. Our company fulfills this corporate role by focusing on new areas of research and methods of production, in the hope of discovering more medicines and helping to cure disorders.

It is important that we gain a clear insight into all aspects of patients’ needs. This is why Janssen works together with not only doctors and pharmacists but also with patient organizations, which play an important role in the areas of providing information, support and assistance to patients. As a company, we learn from this interaction, and this helps us when it comes to the development of new treatments and the provision of helpful information.

Janssen's aim is to ensure that these relationships and partnerships function in accordance with a number of important principles such as mutual respect and knowledge, integrity, independence and transparency. The Code of Practice on Relationships Between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Patient Organizations, as formulated by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry Associations (EFPIA) in cooperation with pan-European patient organizations dates from 2007. Janssen subscribes to the principles of this code.


Sixteen patient organizations in Flanders and Wallonia received support in 2013 in the form of an annual contribution, contributions for participating in conferences, setting up a stand, creating a website, brochure or awareness campaign, and supporting buddy working or excursions for patients. The complete overview of the collaboration projects is published each quarter on www.janssenbelgium.be.

Steun patiëntenorganisaties 2013

Patients organizationdescriptionamountcontract date
Aide Info Sida (A.I.S.)€ 5.00020-Dec-13
Centrum ZitStil v.z.wADHD day support: November 16, 2013, followed by a making aware process€ 10.00011-Dec-13
CHAC asblSupport for the annual list of activities€ 5.5002-May-13
CMPSupport for "Multiple Myeloom en Waldenströmsymposium 19 oktober 2013" € 2.55018-Oct-13
F.V. PsychiatrismeSupport to purchase books for patients and for operating costs€ 70017-Apr-13
Mymu - Wallonie-Bruxelles asblContribution towards the creation of a new MYMU website€ 1.00018-Feb-13
Plate-Forme Prévention SidaContribution towards different "réalisation brochures et outils pour et par les personnes séropositives" projects€ 5.00020-Mar-13
Psoriasis Liga Vlaanderen vzwContribution towards the PSORIANT magazine€ 3.0005-Jun-13
Psoriasis-Contact asblSupport for "2e Salon du Psoriasis et de l'arthrite psoriasique" on April 26 & 27, 2013€ 1.25016-May-13
ReumaNet vzwSupport for World Rheumatism Day projects€ 2.0009-Jul-13
Sensoa v.z.w.Co-sponsoring for different projects: training new volunteers, brochures, info evenings, website support€ 15.00021-Mar-13
Support for the Upgraded Candlelight Memorial >> LivePositive 2013€ 2.00023-Apr-13
Similes Wallonie asblSupport for the "Profamille 24 september 2013" program€ 1.27028-Aug-13
Vlaams Hepatitis Contactpunt vzw (VHC)Support for different projects: Hep World Day, campaign, symposium, Hepafocus€ 3.00023-Jun-13
Vlaamse Liga tegen KankerReprint of the "Vermoeidheid bij Kanker" (Tiredness when suffering from Cancer) brochure€ 4.50020-Mar-13


    Janssen takes responsibility for its employees, patients and the local and international community.
    We therefore work on deploying talent in a sustainable way and take care of the physical and mental health of personnel and their safety and continuing training.

    Patient associations receive support from Janssen so they can realize their projects independently. Janssen pays special attention to young persons (training), informs local residents and becomes involved in local projects.

    Access to and the affordability of health care are a core international theme at Johnson & Johnson and Janssen, who also support specific philanthropic projects.